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Is your Hard Disk dead ?
Save-it !

Your Hard Disk seems dead. It's not responding anymore. You hear a few "biz biz" when you're trying to boot from it and then it stops and you can't access it.

You try everything, and I mean everything because I know you... You even knock it, you even rock it because you remember having read that it might help. And that's true, the damned thing is just stucked in there. You well may succeed, but maybe not. You lost everything, and a hard disk.

Stop crying. The thing is dead, so why don't you open it ? You have nothing to loose. Get a screwdriver and have a peek inside. Don't touch the plates, don't touch anything. Plug it. Try to boot, from it or from another one or from a floppy, doesn't matter.


Observe. As you start up, the arm moves a bit (biz biz) but then it stops. Push on it a bit. The head will now go all the way to the inner part of the plates. That's the " biz biz biz biz biz biz biz biz biz biz biz " you're familiar with. If not, cut the power off and put it back on ; try something, you'll get lucky.

Save your data on another disk.

At the next restart, maybe you'll have to help it again, maybe not. It depends on how lucky you are.

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With the top on

With the top off, and spinning

This one is an old one, a 20 MB Rodime that came with a Mac Plus. I plan to have a glass plate to cover it instead of the metal plate ; it's so nice to see that thing spinning and moving.



The plates are spinning really fast, up to 5000 RPM, and they are heavy. Take care not to drop something on them while they are spinning. And, of course, avoid touching the power supply components while the case is open. It is your responsibility to stay alive. I did survive.

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